Transforming communities with fiber & smart tech

A2D is a Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) that develops open access networks throughout the nation. We develop, own & operate networks that enable multiple service providers to deliver their Internet/Video/Voice services directly to their customers in any market we serve.

As a wholesale fiber carrier, our networks can traverse any part of the nation however, we focus on infrastructure improvements in both underserved urban and rural communities. We collaborate with local incumbent providers, the municipality, local stakeholders and national Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to bridge the digital divide in every market we serve.

At A2D we design and build networks with the unknown future in mind. Being carrier-neutral forces us to focus less on one particular service application and more on the scalability, flexibility and security of the overall network.

A2D's trademark networks are labeled eCommunity™. Each eCommunity incorporates the unique requirements of the community it serves. An eCommunity can be as small as a residential neighborhood, a township, or as large as a city, county or state.

Let's talk about how your neighborhood, town or city can become an eCommunity.


Why eCommunity?

Provider Choice

  • Citizens and Businesses can chose amongst multiple providers
  • Internet is no longer the final destination
  • Flexible service plans and payment options

Private Networks

  • Municipal facilities on dedicated network
  • Enterprises can establish direct connections linking facilities
  • Schools, Hospitals, and other critical resources can establish their own private networks

Access for All

  • Low-income citizens can access critical content without internet

  • Schools, Healthcare providers, and other agencies can communicate with each other directly

  • Entreprenuers can create in a virtual environment, sharing and testing with neighbors

We don't just build fiber, we also bring solutions.

Smart Cities | Private LTE | IoT Innovations

A2D goes beyond just building fiber networks. We work hand-in-hand with our public and private partners to create, test and deploy innovation. This includes but not limited to new services, smart systems, Iot (Internet of Things), utility management systems, and much more. A2D's goal is to be one the world's leaders in developing and/or testing the latest in technology that impact the quality of life of society. Below are our core focus areas:

    Smart Cities

  • Establish Private City WAN's
  • Engage Private Industry to Test & Validate Systems
  • Interconnect Utilities, Transportation, and Public Safety
  • Map and Monitor all active and passive resources
  • Capacity planning for growth

    Private LTE

  • Private Educational Wireless WAN extending the schools network to student & staff homes.
  • Private Utilities Wireless WAN connecting meters, pump & sub stations and PLC systems
  • Private transporation Wireless WAN connecting cameras, traffic systems, & monitors
  • LTE to WiFi systems to boost community access in parks and recreational facilities
  • Enhanced Public Safety Wireless Network with LTE and WiFi access

    IoT Tech & Testing

  • Engage Systems Manufacturers to test fiber and wireless connectivity
  • Test software systems to determine security issues and integration
  • Conduct analytic research on system performance and monitoring
  • Collaborate with other cities and providers to validate system options

We are bringing FIBER + CHOICE to both rural & urban America


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